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A Career in Air Traffic Control, 2nd Ed.

by Prof. Michael S. Nolan & Prof. Sharon L. LaRue

Air traffic control is an exciting, interesting, exacting, and high paying career open to anyone with a willingness to study, learn, and work hard. It can be a difficult profession to enter, but the rewards are worth it! This book is an attempt to inform you about all the different careers available. It acts as a primer concerning the basic principles and practices of air traffic control. This book will make you a better-informed applicant or student of the profession. Nolan’s and LaRue’s practical approach to the field and comprehensive coverage of difficult-to-understand concepts is key in providing you with a decisive advantage in reaching your goals of becoming an air traffic controller. They each bring years of experience as a professor, FAA traffic air controller, and pilot to the subject. Unlike other books, which focus only on reciting rules and regulations, this book focuses on teaching you how the air traffic control system works and the rationale for why the system functions.


Michael S. Nolan

Purdue University

Michael S. Nolan is the author of the textbooks Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control, Basic Aircraft Science and A Career in Air Traffic Control. Professor Nolan has taught at Purdue University since 1978. He holds a commercial pilot certificate as well as that of a certified flight instructor, airframe and powerplant mechanic, control tower operator and the national weather service limited aviation weather observer certificate.  

Sharon L. LaRue

Associate Professor University of Alaska

Sharon LaRue has taught air traffic control classes at the University of Alaska Anchorage for the past 15 years. She was previously an en route controller for ten years at Anchorage center, working both domestic and oceanic control. She also worked for the FAA as a training specialist and facility scheduler. Prof. LaRue holds a B.A. in English from the College of St. Benedict, and a M.A.Ed in Adult Education and Distance Learning from the University of Phoenix.

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